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Our school i.e. Government High smart School, sector-50B, Chandigarh organized A Quiz programme on Environment Sponsored by the CREST Science and Technology Promotion Society in the sports room on 4th October, 2018. The 150 students from various sections of classes 9th to 10th participated in this Quiz with great enthusiasm. 8 students from various sections of class 9th and 10th were short listed to play  quiz organized under the guidance of Ms.Neelam sood in the sports room. The programme was anchored by Ms.Neelam sood  in 3 Rounds, General round on Environment , second  round in the form of MCQ based on the famous personalities who made contribution to save Environment  &  third  round the judges round including short questions like T/F  ects Judgement was done by Mrs.Amrit kaur and Mr Jagdish Kumar.Discipline was maintained by Mrs.Meena. Our Worthy headmistress Mrs.Jasbir kaur   praised the efforts of teachers and students. At the end of the programme Our Worthy headmistress Mrs.Jasbir kaur   gave away the prizes to the winners of  quiz Competition. The names of the winners are as under:

SR.NO       TEAM    NAME         CLASS          MARKS             POSITION

  1.       A       1.ABHISHEK    XA        24              FIRST
  2. ROHAN     XB
  3.               D      1.AMRIT KAUR   X A     19              SECOND
  4. VAISHALI       IX B
  5.             C     1.DEEPAK          X A       17              THIRD
  6. KOMAL        X A
  7.                  B      1.KAJAL            IX B      12            FOURTH
  8. DURGESH     IX B


Report on celebration of surgical strike day on 29th september, 2018

Report on celebration of surgical strike day  on 29th september, 2018

Students of Government High Smart School, sector-50-B, Chandigarh Celebrated surgical strike day on 29th  september, 2018. The Day started with welcome of Chief guest Retd wing commander Mr. Rajinder singh  by Our worthy Headmistress Mrs.Jasbir Kaur. Welcome speech was given by stage secretary Ms Neelam sood . After that the students  presented a patriotic song “jai hind ,jai bharat, jai hindustaan, jai jai hindustaan”.After that Guest of honour  Retd wing commander Mr. Rajinder singh  delivered a lecture and enlightened our students regarding the meaning of surgical strike held during 29th September,2016 and also explained   the sacrifice of soldiers for the sake of nation. Various activities like making of Greeting cards and writing letters to soldiers were held to mark this occasion of surgical strike day in the Arts room under the supervision of our Arts teacher Mrs. Amandeep kaur.    Our worthy Headmistress Mrs.Jasbir kaur praised the efforts of teachers & all students. She also praised the Border security forces and saluted their sacrifice for the security of all. The Programme concluded with the National Anthem followed by pledge by students and teachers to remember the sacrifice of soldiers for the safety of the country.